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Frigates : Ahmad Yani Class

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Description :
Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) acquired 6 of this Ex-Royal Dutch Navy Van Speijk class frigates between 1977-1980. The ships originally was a slightly modified version of the Royal Navy Leander class design. Only one of six is reportedly still active. KRI Karel Satsuitubun (356) was sent to Ambalat region during the crisis with Malaysia in 2005.

KRI Abdul Halim Perdanakusuma (355) Firing C 802 SSM During TNI Joint Excercise 2013, 
Photo Credit : Kenyot10 / Kaskus.co.id

Updates: reported by Indonesia News Agency ANTARA on 10/29/07, three sister ships KRI Ahmad Yani 351, KRI Oswald Siahaan 354 and KRI Abdul Halim Perdanakusuma 355 were reactivated after an overhaul, including re powering the main engine. The 355 and 351 currently in service with the eastern fleet alongside 356. while 354 serve with the western fleet.

Updates: Starting 2011, all six of this class is reactivated with changes to its SSM missiles.

Updates: on the 20th of April 2011, The Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) successfully tested Yakhont SSM (P-800 Oniks or NATO code SS-N-26). The missile was launched from KRI Oswald Siahaan 354, and hit its designated target 250 km away. The test was conducted somewhere in Hindian Ocean (Samudera Indonesia)

Yakhont Russian-made missile has a range of 300 km, speed 2 mach with specification 8900mm long, 720mm diameter,
 weighs 3000 kg
(photo : Antara-Yudhi Mahatma)

VIDEO (courtesy of YouTube.com)

Technical Data :
Displacement : 2,940 tons full load
Dimensions : 113.42 x 12.51 x 4.57 meters/372.1 x 41 x 15 feet
Propulsion : Steam turbines, 2 boilers, 2 shafts, 30,000 shp, 28.5 knots
Crew : approx. 180
Radar : LW-03 2-D air search
Sonar : PHS-32 hull mounted MF
Fire Control : M-44 SAM control
EW : UA-8/9 intercept, 2 decoy RL
Aviation : aft helicopter deck and hangar for 1 Wasp helicopter/NBO-105
Armament : up to 8 Harpoon SSM (2 x 2 SS-N-26 Yakhont on 354) (2 x 1 C 802 NATO CSS-N-8 Saccade on 355), 2 quad Sea Cat SAM (replaced by 2 Mistral SAM), 1 76 mm OTO Melara Dual Purpose Gun, 2 triple 12.75 inch torpedo tubes, 2 12.7 mm MG
Builders : Nederlandse Dok en Scheepsbouw Mij, Amsterdam, Netherlands, except 351, 352, 356 by Koninklijke Mattshappij de Schelde, Vlissingen, Netherlands.

KRI Karel Satsuitubun 356 with a
US Coast Guard 378' High Endurance Cutter "Sherman" (WHEC 720) on the background

DE Name        
351 KRI Ahmad Yani(AMY)         
  ex. HNLMS Tjerk Hiddes, F804
352 KRI Slamet Riyadi           
  ex. HNLMS Van Speijk, F802
353 KRI Yos Sudarso             
  ex. HNLMS Van Galen, F803
354 KRI Oswald Siahaan (OWA)          
  ex. HNLMS Van Nes, F805
355 KRI Abdul Halim Perdanakasuma (AHP)
  ex. HNLMS Evertsen, F815
356 KRI Karel Satsuitubun (KST)      
  ex. HNLMS Isaac Sweers, F814