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FAC : Clurit Class

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The Clurit Class are made entirely by Indonesian shipyard, made out of High Tensile Steel for its hull and aluminum alloy for its upper structure. Powered by 3 diesel engines, the ship can reach the maximum speed of 32 knots. The Indonesian Navy planned to build 6 of the class, with the fourth is currently under construction.
TNI AL also ordered 2 other ship with the same hull design as the clurit, minus the AShM capability, the 2 ships will bear the 8XX pennant number indicating them as part of the patrol forces instead of 6XX pennant number as bear by the Clurit class indicating they are part of the Fast Attack Forces. 

Technical Data :
Displacement: 250 tons
Dimensions : 44 x 8 x 3.4 meter
Propulsion : 2 shafts; 3 x MAN V12 cruise diesels, 1,800 bhp, 32 knots
Crew : 35 + 13 SF 
Fire Control :  
EW  :
Armament : 2 x C-705 SSM,1 x 30mm AK630 CIWS, 2 x 20mm Denel Vektor G12 
Builders : PT. Palindo Marine Shipyard, Batam, Indonesia

KRI KUJANG 642 with AK-630 and C705 SSM (credit : Silep-04)

DE  Name
641 KRI Clurit (CLT)
642 KRI Kujang (KJG)
643 KRI Beladau (BLD)
644 KRI Alamang (   ) 
KRI BELADAU 643 (@audrey)