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Corvettes Development

Posted By Riko | Thursday, March 11, 2010 | , | 1 Comments »

JAKARTA, Media Indonesia - The Ministry of Defense estimates that the procurement process of a corvette type, missile destroyer escort (PKR) will proceed next week Three countries have submitted their proposal to make the 105 meters ship alongside PT. PAL. "There are three candidates who had registered with TNI AL which are being processes. They are Dutch, Italy and Russia, who are committed to develop and build the ships with PT. PAL," said Director General of Defense Facilities Rear Admiral Gunadi in Jakarta, Tuesday (9 / 3 ).
 Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Agus Suhartono previously said that the production of PKR could be expected in 2010. The ships will be build in cooperation with other countries as part of technology transfer.
The government has allocated a fund of 700 million dollars for making one PKR. Gunadi confirmed that it is impossible to build all war equiptments in the country. Technological constraints to be one great obstacle to the State Owned Companies to produce high-tech equipment. However, he insisted that the government will try as much as possible to utilize domestic capabilities. "We'll produce as much as possible with domestic capabilities, but we can't entirely depend on domestic products". For example, if we only needed two squadrons of hi-tech jet fighters, it is impossible to make it own our own, we have to cooperate with other countries. But, we'll make sure the domestic industry will get the offset work, that what we call ToT (Transfer of technology), "he said.


  1. Ksatrio Wojo Ireng // 29 March 2010 at 17:55  

    Total Cost of Ownership should be one of the consideration on the procurement of these assets. Transfer of Technology and maintenance of such assets should be more home-grown and a gradual handover of tech.skills should have been drafted as implementing clauses on the contract of the winning contractor.

    Best value for money should not always goes to the lowest bidder.